Changing our name to the Justice and Equity Centre

On 1 July 2024, we changed our name from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (or ‘PIAC’) to the Justice and Equity Centre.

We made this change as the new name reflects our mission: to build a fairer, stronger society by challenging and changing laws and practices that cause disadvantage and inequality.

Why change our name?

Our new name – the Justice and Equity Centre – better represents the work we do to address disadvantage and inequality.

We think it will help people more easily understand what we do and what we stand for. It will help us reach new supporters and partners, and get the attention of journalists reporting on the social justice issues we work on.

We are proudly building on a 40+ year legacy as the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (or ‘PIAC’). We are respected leaders in our field and although we changed our name, we did not change the work we do or how we do it. We will continue to use legal cases and policy expertise to challenge injustice and make laws and systems fairer, particularly for people experiencing disadvantage.

Why equity?

For us, equity means getting fair outcomes.

Equity requires recognising that some people and communities are disadvantaged by existing laws and systems. To get fair outcomes, we need to change those laws and systems.

We’ve included ‘equity’ in our name because it recognises that we work to address systemic and institutional barriers that cause disadvantage, to make society fairer for everyone.

The practical effects

For the next few months, you will still be able to find us using our old email addresses and website URLs, as they will be redirected to our new domain. But please update your address books and any website bookmarks over the coming weeks.

Our address and telephone contacts remain the same as do our ABN and charitable status with the Australian Tax Office and Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission. Options to donate to support our work are also not affected as we are using the same bank accounts and donations platforms. 

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