Our record

The Justice and Equity Centre has been fighting injustice and inequality for more than 40 years. We were established in 1982 as the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and our early work was directed particularly towards government accountability and public interest litigation. We changed our name in 2024 to reflect the focus of our work on social justice: making practical change to the lives of people experiencing disadvantage.

We use test cases and policy advocacy to challenge unjust laws and practices. We take on cases and causes that have an impact beyond an individual client and benefit the wider community, particularly people facing disadvantage. We work collaboratively and in partnership to maximise our impact.

Our legal and policy work are supported by public advocacy involving media, communications and engagement with decision-makers, often in coalition or partnership with others. By exposing and challenging injustice and the damage it causes, we drive fairer outcomes.

These are some examples of our significant and lasting impact. More stories will be added soon.

We helped asylum seekers challenge the Australian Government’s powers to indefinitely detain people in immigration detention.  
We helped more than 200 Aboriginal people submit claims to recover stolen wages.
We work with people with disability to remove the barriers that restrict their ability to travel by air.
We represented the victims of lethal 'Deep Sleep Therapy' at Chelmsford Hospital.
We helped victims of a faulty contraceptive, the Dalkon Shield, understand their legal rights and win damages for their injuries.  
From our very first case in 1982, we’ve been fighting for fair energy bills for households – and securing significant wins.
We played a central role in securing a demand response mechanism for Australia’s energy network.
Our leading disability discrimination practice has driven breakthrough reform to make public transport more accessible for everybody. 
We blew the lid off Australia’s role in secret military operations related to conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
We helped prevent the Morrison Government from passing a Bill removing human rights protections.
We secured justice for more than 50 young people wrongly arrested by NSW Police.
We exposed unlawful handcuffing in Australian immigration detention.