Submission to NSW DCCEEW on the Future of Embedded Networks in NSW

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14 June 2024
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PIAC provided a response to NSW DCCEEW’s targeted consultation that sought feedback on IPART’s Final Future of Embedded Networks Review Report and on the NSW embedded network work plan. 

Addressing the significant, long-running impacts and inequities experienced by residents of embedded networks is a critical step in ensuring fairer treatment of NSW households and their equitable, protected access to the energy they need.

PIAC detailed our response to IPART’s recommendations, including our broad support for pricing regulation that benchmarks electricity and gas embedded networks prices to some of the lowest tariffs available. We also provided further feedback on issues outside of IPART’s scope that the Department should consider in their work plan including:

  • The comprehensive collection, analysis and publication of data on embedded networks and their residents in NSW. 
  • Adopting legislation and regulations to ensure only embedded networks providing demonstrable and tangible consumer benefits are allowed in NSW. 
  • The managed exit of existing embedded network operators and support for the conversion of embedded networks unable to meet improved regulations.  
  • Ensuring equal consumer protections for customers living in embedded networks. This must include access to payment supports, life support and family violence protections  
  • Planning for CER embedded networks and assessing how they may be allowed in order to benefit residents. 
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