Jonathan Struggles

Senior Solicitor, Strategic Litigation, Energy and Water Justice

Jonathan Struggles joined the Justice and Equity Centre in November 2022 and is a Senior Solicitor with the Strategic Litigation team. He has experience working on complex investigations, prosecutions and litigation covering environmental and criminal law, and human rights.

Jonathan works alongside our policy experts from the Energy and Water Justice team on a project exploring regulatory and legal interventions that will accelerate decarbonisation, and ensure a just transition to a net-zero energy system.

Previously, Jonathan worked for the NSW Environment Protection Authority on legislative reform, legal advice and litigation matters. He worked for Greenpeace International in Amsterdam, providing investigations and legal advice to environmental campaign teams. Jonathan also worked for many years at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia on prosecution legal teams.  In New York, Jonathan was part of the Volcker Oil-for-Food corruption investigation, and for the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services.

Jonathan has a Master of Environmental Law from Sydney University, and a Master of International Studies from Durham University, UK.