Tides of violence: mapping the Sri Lankan conflict from 1983 to 2009

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14 May 2019
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The report, Tides of violence: mapping the Sri Lankan conflict from 1983 to 2009, was produced by the Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s (PIAC’s) Conflict Mapping and Archive Project (CMAP).

CMAP was established to create a conflict map of the Sri Lankan civil war in support of the transitional justice process. CMAP collects and analyses publicly available documents on incidents during the war that may constitute violations of human rights or international humanitarian law (IHL).

The CMAP report provides a systematic overview of these incidents, covering the period from 24 July 1983 to 19 May 2009. It details patterns of violence across place and time, and provides a basic overview of the context in which this violence occurred.

The report serves as a reminder of the extent, range and widespread impact of the conflict on Sri Lankan society. It reinforces the ongoing need for a meaningful transitional justice process to address the instability, violence and suffering caused by the war, and serves as an example of the tangible support civil society can provide to this process.

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