Submission to Transgrid’s PADRs for North West Slopes area and Bathurst, Orange and Parkes area

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7 April 2022
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PIAC made a submission to Transgrid’s PADRs for North West Slopes area and Bathurst, Orange and Parkes area.

PIAC supports Transgrid’s consideration of non-network alternatives to defer or avoid more expensive network-based solutions for both projects.

PIAC raised concern about the use of demand forecasts predicated on regional development plans such as the Parkes and Narrabri Special Activation Precincts, and recommended any projected demand relating to regional growth plans should be based on an independent assessment that takes into account the actual approved and/or financially committed developments.

PIAC is also raised concern about demand forecasts that are treated as commercial in confidence, recommending if a proponent wishes to keep their projected electricity demand confidential, they should pay for any upgrades to the shared transmission network that are required to meet their future demand.

PIAC rejected inclusion of the Transgrid’s High Net Economic Benefits scenarios in the weightings for both PADRs, on the basis it includes three implausible assumptions, and recommended a more realistic approach of applying 50% weighting to each of the Central and Low Net Economic Benefits scenarios for both PADRs.

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