Submission to National Energy Performance Strategy Consultation Paper

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3 February 2023
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PIAC made a submission to the Commonwealth government’s National Energy Performance Strategy (the Strategy) Consultation paper (the Paper). The Paper sought feedback on how best to design and implement residential, commercial and industry energy performance initiatives, and what governance structures and targets the Commonwealth could implement to coordinate these initiatives nationally. 

We supported a detailed joint submission made by ACOSS, and submitted our own response that focused on the need for an outcomes-based approach to the National Strategy.

We advocated for a Strategy that is centred on an overarching objective, aligned with climate response requirements and guided by key principles. Our suggestions for these principles included:

  • Optimising outcomes for all Australian households and communities is the priority. Outcomes relate to affordability of energy and housing, equity of access to energy and housing, and health, wellbeing and resilience of communities.
  • Responding to climate change should be based on the latest available evidence of what is required to maintain average increase in temperatures below 1.5 degrees, and no more than 2 degrees.
  • National consistency and collaboration across jurisdictions is preferred, but best-practice should be prioritised over consistency.
  • Equity of outcomes for all Australian households must be emphasised. Energy performance should improve outcomes for all households and communities. But it should be aimed at addressing and eliminating existing disadvantage or vulnerability in affordable access to clean energy and healthy housing that meets people’s needs.
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