Submission to Ausgrid’s 2024-2029 Pricing Directions Paper

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11 October 2022
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PIAC made a submission to Ausgrid’s 2024-2029 Pricing Directions Paper (the Paper). The Paper sought feedback on Ausgrid’s proposed pricing reforms and tariff innovation. Proposed pricing reforms included introducing export pricing, updating (and expanding) charging windows, and introducing tariffs for embedded networks. Tariff innovation included trials for energy storage, flexible load and dynamic cost-reflective tariffs.

PIACs response built upon our ongoing engagement with Ausgrid stakeholder consultations and sought to ensure that Ausgrid’s pricing reforms and tariffs for 2024-2029 promoted the long-term interests of consumers. We outlined our support for rapid transition to more cost reflective network tariffs and provided detailed responses to questions in the Paper, including:

  • Reiterating the role and function of network tariffs
  • Questioning the validity of the proposed changes to charging windows and whether they are in the interests of consumers
  • Recommending the introduction of a specific network tariff for Electric Vehicle charging
  • Raising questions regarding the need for the proposed export charging scheme and whether it is structured appropriately
  • Supporting the introduction of an embedded network tariff to improve equity in network cost recovery
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