PIAC briefing for SA MPs on the Stolen Generations (Compensation) Bill 2014

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22 October 2015
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In this letter sent to all South Australian Members of Parliament on 21 October 2015, PIAC provides a briefing for the Stolen Generations (Compensation) Bill 2014 (SA). The Bill, tabled by in the South Australian Legislative Council by Liberal Party member the Hon. Terry Stephens MLC in late 2014, provides for an ex-gratia monetary payment scheme to be established to provide compensation for members of the Stolen Generation and their children. The Bill was passed by the Legislative Council in December 2014, and, following prorogation of parliament, was restored by the Opposition Leader on 15 October 2015. In this briefing, PIAC sets out its in-principle support for the Bill, recognising the need for urgent action to establish a compensation scheme for members of the Stolen Generations and their descendants. A number of the Bill’s provisions, however, raise significant concerns; accordingly PIAC sets out a number of recommendations as to how the Bill could be amended, which would go some way to addressing its flaws. 

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