Response to the referendum for a Voice to Parliament

Following the outcome of the Voice referendum, we extend love and solidarity to our First Nations colleagues and friends, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities across the country.   

These past months have placed a very heavy burden on First Nations people and we recognise the pain of the outcome of the referendum.  

We must confront and remain clear-eyed about the response to the proposal for a First Nations Voice. We have undoubtedly seen some of our country at its worst: fear, misinformation, racism and an unwillingness to listen.  

We have also seen some of our best. The First Nations leadership that brought us the Uluru Statement from the Heart and fought tirelessly for a constitutionally enshrined Voice has been remarkable. We honour and celebrate their wisdom, determination and generosity.  

The exceptional contribution of young and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, including here at PIAC, is a particular cause for hope and optimism. This is a light that will continue to shine. 

PIAC is proud to have supported the call for a Voice and we remain committed to the vision of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Its call for Voice, Treaty and Truth continues to ring true and will have a lasting and profound impact on our country. 

Our resolve to work with First Nations people to achieve justice remains firm. It is a long road, but we will keep walking it together.

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