No time to waste: act on Finkel to reduce electricity prices

Electricity price rises approaching 20% highlight the urgent need for the Commonwealth to support the recommendations of the Finkel review, in order to stave-off further hikes that have the potential to devastate disadvantaged households.

Craig Memery, Team Leader at PIAC’s Energy + Water Consumers’ Advocacy Program, said that the energy retail price increases would cause significant hardship for households.

‘Bill increases will exceed $100 per quarter for some families, hitting households and small businesses hard,’ said Mr Memery.  ‘We are in this position because we haven’t had a long-term national plan for a secure energy system. Dr Finkel’s recommendations provide this plan.

‘While debate carries on about the impact of Finkel’s recommendations on the coal industry, research shows over 80% of people want to move to clean energy. We can’t afford to ignore the voice of the community, while rising energy prices force people to make tough decisions about what they can go without, just to keep the lights on,’ said Mr Memery.

‘With further bill increases on the horizon, there is no time to spare. Finkel’s solutions might not be perfect but they’re the best shot we’ve got.

‘The Commonwealth needs to adopt Dr Finkel’s full recommendations as a matter of urgency and get on with powering the future’.

MEDIA CONTACTS: Media and Communications Manager, Gemma Pearce: 0478 739 280 or EWCAP Team Leader, Craig Memery: 0412 223 203.

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